Friday, August 28, 2009

It's Amazing What You Can Find . . .

. . . when you clean up your craft room.

Earlier this week, I did some rearranging and reorganizing in my office slash library slash craft room. I went through a couple of old cigar boxes I had shoved into the back of a shelf. I found a stash of photos that I had printed about a year ago for scrapbooking, and I found some ATC's I made at about the same time. I'd totally forgotten about them (and obviously they didn't get sent to wherever they were supposed to go. Oops!) But I remember how much fun I had making them, and I really like them.

Beach ATC's

Asian ATC's

Bugs ATC's

Asian Tag

I have a few others, but these are my favorites. I would love to share . . . anyone interested?


  1. YES~!

    I adore the Asian ATC! You are too much! They look like little treasures all of them. Oh, now I'm jealous of you. JEALOUS I tell ya!

    OH, did you hear me say, YES!!!!!!

  2. First time here and must say the last Asian ATC is quite nice ; )

    Do you drink coffee? If so, I have a coffee mix I made awhile back and sent out to 10 other bloggers......

    If so, we can exchange email info, otherwise, Cheers!!!

  3. Love them, janet! I like the way you're recycling fortune cookie labels! Please do share them all!

  4. Holly - don't be jealous! I'll send you one! Really!

    Coffee Messiah - glad you stopped by! It's yours! Sending you an e-mail.

    Kitty - thank you!

  5. Oh me too me too (jumping up and down)! They are lovely - you put so much care into them. I was REALLY into ATCs about two years ago then soul collage, miniatures, blogging, art journaling and photography came along and my poor ATCs got neglected. I'd like to start again.

  6. It's so much fun discovering the craft room! I've almost got mine under control too.


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