Sunday, November 22, 2009

Today I am Thankful


It was a beautiful day today. The first cup of coffee this morning - made for me by hubby - tasted just right. The line at the grocery store wasn't too long, so we have a turkey and many goodies to go with it in the fridge ready for later in the week. Hubby's friend from out of town who came for the funeral stopped by on his way out of town for one more visit. And hubby and his baby brother spent the rest of the day at Mom's house replacing toilets, putting up shelves, putting up blinds, and just general handy man things that good sons do for their Moms.

I got to talk to one of my bestest friends who lives in Texas. I received mail from a new friend in Canada. The laundry got done, the birds got fed, I got to play a bunch, and we had ice cream for dessert. All in all, it was a day to be thankful for.

Postcard I received from Canada - titles of songs from the 1920's

Mail Art I made that will go in the mailbox tomorrow.

an envelope I made from a page from a seed catalog:

a stamped envelope:

a collaged postcard:

Have a wonder-full week,


  1. So nice to read about your lovely Sunday!!
    I like the postcard you have received from Canada, especially because of the text "Sissy" there (I have a friend Kirsi, whom I have started to call "Kissy", and she has then started to call me "Sissy").
    Then the envelope made from a page from a seed catalog is very beautiful, and the idea is very good! I also like the polar bear stamp on it.
    Also the envelope in the letter to Japan is so nice!
    Thank you for this happy post!!

  2. Glad you had such a lovely weekend, Janet! :o) And LOVE all this mail art--very beautiful and very clever too. Happy Week, my friend ((HUGS)) Oh, if you get a chance, stop by--I'm having some gift giveaway fun to celebrate Thanksgiving week! :o)


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