Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Not To Do List

My inbox, once again, has grown to monumental capacity. It's become almost overwhelming. I've developed something of a plan to prevent this from happening, but if you don't get to your inbox everyday, even a great plan won't work. So yesterday I began weeding out the uninteresting and apparent unimportant e-mails. And this morning my finger even hovered over the "delete all" button. But there were a few that the little voice inside my head urged me to keep and read. That little voice is brilliant sometimes.

One e-mail I kept to read was a very recent edition of Christine Kane's "Live Creative" e-zine. The featured article, How to Create a Powerful Morning Ritual, included some great suggestions. (Part of my fondness for Christine's e-zine is that her featured article is always done as a list. Yay for lists!) One in particular lit a little light bulb up in the space where my little voice resides. "Be Prepared: Create a Not-to-Do List." Christine's suggestion here is specifically aimed at your morning ritual, but I loved the idea of a Not-to-Do List on a grander scale. So, for example, my list for today . . .

Not To Do:

Let the rainy afternoon go by without spending a while on the glider on the patio.

Give in and eat meat because I feel guilty that the hubby cooked it.
(I haven't eaten meat for over a week and want to continue that way. I've bought
and prepared foods for both of us - with meat for him and without for me.)

Leave the laundry for one more day. It will bug me more tomorrow.

So here's my new note pad.

What will you put on your list?



  1. I LOVE To Do fact I love ANY list in general. Writing lists of my ideas or things I want to acheive is one of my favourite and most beneficial activities. But, I have ever written a Not To Do List before.
    The idea initally challenged me because I was concerned it would mean I was giving all my attention to what I didnt want to create...but after a bit of thought I can see the benefit in it. I think it helps you notice the things you often procrastinate on or give in too, and helps stop you from compromising on your goals.
    Thanks ill give this one a go!

  2. Connie, I think that's it exactly. It forces me to shift my thought process a little and see things from a different perspective. Thank you for the comment! :)

  3. I am such a list maker....and now a not to do list....I love it !

    did you see the, inc ????
    I'm wondering if that's why you aren't eating meat ?

  4. I just wanted to pop by and meet you & say a BIG thank you for my wonderful card & postcards.
    very personal & very me & I absolutely LOVE them all.
    Thank you Janet
    hugs to you


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