Sunday, February 28, 2010

the week in review

Poor, poor me. I actually worked five full days in a row this week! Between the holidays, the time we've been required to furlough, and having every other Friday off as my normal work schedule, I haven't worked a full five day work week in months. But I managed; I am a professional, after all.

Granddaughter k was sick this week, running a fever off and on during the day, but spiking during the night. I talked to her on the phone one afternoon - oh, it was so dramatic! - and offered to pick up her meds and drop them off after work. What kind of a grandma shows up with only yucky medicine? Not Grandma J. I love those dollar bins (and now some 2 for $5 bins) up front at Target. k got some monkey slippers and a blanket; a soft, furry, stuffed monkey just waiting to cuddle; a box of cheese crackers; a Strawberry Shortcake coloring book and a box of crayons. Seemed like the perfect prescription to me. She's all better now.

I returned to work at 9:00 Thursday night to attend the final briefing and retirement celebration for our senior Sergeant. Sam 1, as he's been known around the Department for what seems like an eternity, retired after 36 years, 5 months, and 2 weeks on the job. An unimaginable accomplishment! And I have to say, it was something to see him get emotional and tear up. He has the reputation of an extremely tough guy and hard boss, but when you get right down to it, he's a softie and has feelings too. It's obvious how much his career meant to him.

Today marks one month that I've been vegetarian. I feel good, and it even feels good to say it. :) My next goal is to meditate every (or almost every) morning. I've tried this before and always managed it for a short while, but never for the long haul. This week I made my first attempts to start again. It means giving up reading e-mail in the morning, which actually is the perfect trade. Instead of sitting in front of the computer pouring all those new thoughts into my head, many of them useless, how much nicer is it to sit, instead, and work on emptying out all the unnecessary clutter?

With the goal of daily meditation in mind, I found a pattern for a prayer shawl that I liked and decided to crochet one for myself. There's not much to the pattern, really; it should be relatively easy to make - almost meditative itself really. But the yarn that I had and wanted to use is a little tricky to work with. It might also be a test of my patience.

While on-line a couple nights ago, I ran across the book, "Tranquilista, Mastering the Art of Enlightened Work and Mindful Play" by Kimberly Wilson. The title hooked me right away, and I was on a quest to find out how I could become a Tranquilista. Kimberly's previous book "Hip Tranquil Chick," sounds like fun, too. There's even a quiz you can take to find out if you are a Hip Tranquil Chick! Her blog is also a delight - Tranquility du Jour. Now I need to update my profile - I can add that I'm a vegetarian AND a Hip Tranquil Chick!

I bought some millet this week and tried a new recipe with it. I have tomatoes in my garden out back, and the cherry tomatoes are ripe already. It was so, so satisfying to walk out to my backyard this morning with a colander and pick a couple handfuls of tomatoes. It rained a little bit yesterday so everything seemed just a little bit fresher. The tomatoes way down on the bottom had little specks of sand all over them from where the rain hit the dirt and splashed back up on them. I'll make this recipe again; it's good!

While I was cooking this morning, I opened up my kitchen window so I could hear the birds singing. They are delighted that the sun is shining after the rain yesterday. Every once in a while the breeze picked up the scent of alyssum that's come up everywhere out back. It's one of my very favorite smells. Which reminds me that the freesia out front are blooming too - another of my favorite smells.

Wishing you a tranquil week,


  1. It is hard working a full week when you're not used to it. Congratulations on your one-month anniversary of vegetarianism. I have, in my past, been all kinds of vegetarian but the ONE thing I had the hardest time not giving up was bacon. Now I occasionally eat some turkey bacon, for me it's all about not denying myself something from time to time and thoroughly enjoying it when I do eat it - guilt free! I am reading Tranquilista too, finding it a very good resource for other books and podcasts. It is so nice to receive some presents when you're sick, you're one special granny!

  2. I am glad that your new diet is going so well. I am working on reducing the amount of sugar in my diet. Han't been easy, but I am getting better.

  3. I miss you Janet! Your blog always makes me smile and give me inspiration to either meditate, bake or pick up some kind of artwork. If you have a sec, pop over to my blog and vote on my survey. Hope you're well dear friend, Liz xo


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