Thursday, October 22, 2009

List Lovers Thursday

So it's my favorite time of year - in case I hadn't already mentioned that. Even though the daylight comes a little later and goes a little sooner every day, I must, must, MUST get outside everyday. We have enjoyed some time each evening after work on the back patio. I get home, kick off my shoes, grab a big glass of water and the day's mail, and retreat to the loveseat out back. Hubby is usually there already enjoying a cold drink on the glider. On Tuesday I moved my little TV (that's also very old) out there and we sometimes have our dinner there. I think I even caught a cat nap on Monday evening. It's become our little oasis.

I have a few palms, a couple of cacti and succulents, some ferns and spider plants, and even a little lemon tree in pots on the patio. Out in the yard I've planted a few herbs in a small bed, trimmed up some fountaingrass in a couple of beds and borders, and still need to clean up a couple of other beds to get ready for some new plants. And here's where I always get into trouble.

I always plant tomatoes - it's a given. After that, anything goes. I'll prepare the spot for the tomatoes and dig out the tomato cages. I make my trip to the store to buy a tomato plant or two, but usually come home with much, much more. I just can't resist the happy little faces of a pansy, or the texture of a lamb's ear, or the way a little succulent seems to grow in a spiral, or even the idea of cutting a bunch of kale and digging up a couple of beets to cook for supper.

So here is my list - a list of things I'd like to plant this year. Some are practical and do-able, and some are just pie-in-the-sky, but fun to dream about nonetheless.
  • lettuce (red oak leaf, deer tongue, Simpson black-seeded)
  • radishes (German Giant and Pink Beauty)
  • chocolate mint
  • lavender
  • society garlic
  • Baja Fairy Duster
  • violas
  • Mexican Primrose
  • shallots
  • millet and purple millet
  • lamb's ear
  • yarrow
  • Mexican Red Hat
  • butterfly bush
  • popcorn bush
  • catnip
  • zucchini
  • beets
  • yellow beets
  • swiss chard
  • kale
  • basil
  • nasturtiums
  • salvia
  • flame tree
  • alyssum
  • hollyhocks
  • sweet peas
  • morning glories

Here's to playing in the dirt!


  1. That's a wonderful, ambitious list, Janet! Popcorn bush...I have to look that one up, not one I've heard of before! Happy planting... and happy weekend :o) ((HUGS))

  2. Janet,
    How glorious. Your planting list. At our place in Canada we have a hard time getting tomatoes to grow in the summer. It is a hit and miss with the seasons. Last year I planted a tomatoe plant and by Sept. they were still green. In Yuma we see everything grow year round and it facinates us snowbirds!

  3. A great list. We are still enjoying our tomatoes...not straight from the garden as we've had several heavy frost...but we picked all the green ones we knew wouldn't have time to ripen in the garden and put them between layers of newspapers in a closet. Now, every couple of days we check then to find nice red tomatoes ready to eat.

  4. Wowsies, what a list!
    We're in the midst of growing things too-i get so giddy when i see tomatoes from my own backyard ripening on the sill :-)
    Hey I see you're going to Phantom of the Opera on Halloween-that is PERFECT! I hope you have fun, I'm sure you will!

  5. wow! nice list. I enjoyed reading your post and wish I too have a garden. XoXO ♥ :)


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