Thursday, October 15, 2009

List Lovers' Thursday

Way back when, when I was very much a newbie blogger, my Thursdays for a while were devoted to lists, and, in fact, I called them List Lovers Thursdays (even though once I did it on a Friday, and once it was about a Friday).

So, today being Thursday and all, I am in the mood for a list. (Besides, Liz did a list today and now I want to too!) Tomorrow is my every-other-Friday-off Friday, (YAY!) and there are some things I should do and some things I could do.

Could do:

** make (or find) templates for envelopes for mailing tags and ATC's, and then make a couple envelopes so I can mail a tag to Mari.

** send some snail mail to Diva Kreszl and Jeanette. I don't know yet what it'll be, but must be something special!

** and i must come up with something wonderful to send the The Fragrant Muse as it's her birthday tomorrow!

** hunt for treasure (aka taking a trip to the second hand store). Did I tell you that the last time I went I bought a poker chip holder? It's a nice wooden one that spins, and it's perfect for holding my small bottles of craft paints on my craft desk.

** I found some turkey meatballs at the grocery store last weekend and I'm in the mood for some spaghetti.

** Find a Michael's coupon and buy another ink pad.

** Take a new photo of my front porch with my scarecrow on the front door and a pumpkin and marigolds out front and replace the photo currently in my sidebar.

** Nap. (one of my personal favorites)

Should do:

** make hotel reservations for our trip to see Phantom of the Opera in two weeks.

** send haiku to a postcrossing friend that I sent a postcard to earlier this week.

** pull up the bermuda grass and bird seed that's sprouted to get ready to plant tomatoes and radishes and nasturtiums.

** clean out some old magazines to make room for my new Craft Spinner.

Of course there will be coffee in the morning on the patio while I contemplate the possibilities that the day holds. And maybe even a cup in the afternoon (after the nap of course).

I hope your Friday is beautiful.


  1. Is that a new header or did I just miss it before? It´s beautiful!
    I love your list! ;) Please go treasure hunting...I love to see what you bought.
    And I just discovered the power-nap..and so did the cats. They love to join me on the daybed...very cosy. Don´t tell Mark...I always tell him that I´ve been very busy all day. ;)
    Have a wonderful weekend Janet

  2. HI, Janet! Hope your weekend is more the could do, than should do variety! ;o) I've been slow to visit--we're up to our elbows in painting & wallpapering! So more do here than fun...LOL! Happy Days ((HUGS))

  3. Hi Janet, I love your list and hope you get to do all the fun things. I always have something to send to people but don't enjoy the whole posting thing... weird i know. Besos.. Ali

  4. Jeannette - that is a new blog header. it's from i actually paid for the image because i loved it so much and had to have it. i didn't find any treasures at the second hand stores this week. but that's ok. i DID however, drop some special things in the mailbox. ;)

    Tracy - Hi! Pace yourself! the paint and wallpaper aren't going anywhere i bet. thanks for checking in. xoxo

    McGillicutty - i just put extra stamps on everything and drop them in the mailbox. don't make a trip to the post office every time. otherwise i probably wouldn't do it as often. that just takes all the fun out of it!


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