Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Miscellany

things that have made me smile lately . . .

My Mother-in-law called me last weekend to see if I'd taken my hubby to see "Where the Wild Things Are." She said it was his favorite book as a little boy. 21 years together, and I didn't know that! I can't tell you how many times I've been at the book store and stared at the book, thinking I should buy it, but I never picked it up. Will have to next time I'm there.

My daughter is a huge Twilight fan, and I must admit that I loved the books and have seen the movie a couple of times. (I blame it on my teenage heart.) She has invited me to go with her and her girlfriends to the first showing of "New Moon" at midnight on November 20th. I think it's super cool that she invited me. Of course, I'll have to nap first and probably get to work late the next day, but it'll be totally worth it.

I got a couple tomato plants planted on Saturday. It was a bit of work because I had to dig out quite a bit of bermuda grass first. And it got hot enough that I was drenched in sweat and my face got really red. As I sat in the shade on the patio, catching a nice breeze while cooling (and drying) off, a butterfly came fluttering in. Only for a few seconds, then it was on its way again. But it totally made me smile.

I also removed a bunch of "babies" from my cactus plant and put them in little pots. Some of the babies are only an inch across and are in teeny tiny clay pots; some are about three inches across and are in a little bit bigger clay pots. They are all on an iron etagere and are now my "nursery." Makes me smile.

I enjoyed a cup of chai on Sunday afternoon - something I hadn't had all summer long. It was delish - so much so that I took a thermos of it to work with me today. It even stayed warm until lunch time. I was smiling again.

I found the 1940's version of "The Phantom of the Opera" starring Claude Raines in with my old VHS tapes. Got comfy on the loveseat while hubby was gone and popped it into the VCR. (Getting ready for this coming weekend!)

Made another tag. Also did some journal pages, but will post them another time.

I actually finished a book. I have started several over the last few months, but didn't ever finish any of them. Either it was too complicated, or too boring, or I'd just let too much time lapse between starting it and picking it up again and needed to start over. Now - what to read next?

Have a wonderful rest of the week friends!

to the little things that make you smile,


  1. Gorgeous tag! How cool that your daughter invited you to the movies. I will be going to that movie too in a couple weeks even though I have to say I was a little disappointed with the first one. I just didn't think it did the book justice.

  2. What a great week so far, Janet... like a nice string of pearls all these sweet things here... And love the copper and russet shades of you wonderful new tag--beautiful! And I couldn't agree more--life is too short for books you don't bond with! I'm just finishing reading the letters of Abigail & John Adams--highly recommended. Happy Day ((HUGS))

  3. I looooove real life lists like this !!

    great tag and I think this weekend we will see that movie :)

  4. These all made me smile, too! It's a big darn deal when kids ask you to go to the movies. I read all of the Twilight series voraciously, but have yet to see the first movie. I'm one of those people who see it so clearly in my head while I'm reading it that I fear someone else's vision won't live up to my (humble) expectations. :-)
    How sweet that your husband's fave book was where the wild things are! My mom went to see it for her birthday. I really dont know what Cowboy's fave book was growing up. Hmmm...
    Claude Raines! Oh how i love Claude Raines..well. I'm a sucker for Turner Classics really. But I LOVED Notorious. And Phantom. Yay for happy things! (and tomatoes, home grown...)


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