Friday, June 26, 2009


The things that peg my "joy meter"

A few days ago, I was tagged by Tippyrich to do a post on My Five Favorite Random Things. As it turned out, I had already done that list after being tagged by Julochka (although I could probably do it again and have completely different items on my lists today!). But Tippyrich had mentioned that she hoped to learn more about her fellow bloggers by getting folks to play along and share this kind of information. She has a point.

Some days earlier, Tippyrich had written about counting her blessings, and had included a list of "things that give me pure unadulterated joy." So I told her that I would compile a similar list and post that instead. And here it is:
  • my cargo shorts (so many pockets & zippers & snaps & velcro)
  • my new Havaianas (with peacocks on them – so pretty)
  • getting a card or postcard in the mail
  • that first sip of coffee when my husband makes if for me in the morning
  • a new magazine
  • a comment on my blog ;)
  • a pedicure (preferably done by someone else)
  • having a baby fall asleep on my chest/shoulder
  • babies’ little round heads with just an ever-so-soft bit of hair
  • a new pic of my grandson (10 months old)
  • a phone call from my granddaughter (almost 3 years old, so cute on the phone : "Hi gramma. Wuv you!")
  • laughing out loud to a rerererererun of Two and a Half Men
  • reading followed by a nap
  • having my pillow “just right” when I go to bed at night
  • a hot bath on a cold night, when I can see the steam rise up off my skin
  • a venti passion tea, iced & sweetened please (oops! Sorry, thought I was ordering there for second!)
  • sitting quietly at home contemplating how blessed I am(sometimes moved to tears by it)
  • being “one of the guys” once a week when we all go to lunch
  • actually picking & eating something that I’ve grown (tomatoes, radishes, chiles, tomatillos)
  • having a server (waitress at a restaurant, barista, cashier) say hi & smile & ask, “the usual?”
Wishing you joy,


  1. Janet, we are so blessed aren't we!? I really should add to my list as there are so many things that give me joy. It's hard to list them, kind of like naming the people who helped you win the Oscar, you always leave someone out. Grandbabies and some of the biggest sweetnesses in my life too! Great list!

  2. enjoyed your list and loved the picture of the baby with the dog! i always stop by your blog when i need a little dose of positivity! thanks!

  3. Tippy - yes we are blessed in countless more ways than many of us take the time to realize. and yay for grandbabies!

    Kitty - thanks for the sweet comment! stop by any time!

  4. Joy meter...I like that! And such fun to see what takes you over the edge, Janet...many of yours would be on my list too! Hope you're having a JOY-filled weekend :o)

  5. Thanks for dropping by. I love your list. The Havianas (sp?) look lovely. I wonder if I can find them in Oregon. I so enjoyed the story about the "real parents" in the photo frame. That sounds like something I might have said and then lived to regret! How funny! Your mother must have been shaking her head. haha! The story about a small world is so true, isn't it? Yesterday and today I've "talked" or had "postcards" virtually with people from New York, Argentina!!, all over the place. Grrl+ Dog said we're the new generation of pen pals, and she's right. Best to you! Hope it's not too hot there today - Jeanne in sunny Oregon, with cool breezes

  6. Tracy - hi! yes, you and I have a lot in common! a wonderful week to you!

    femminismo - it is PLENTY hot here today - 111! makes it the perfect day for staying inside reading and writing. send some of those cool breezes my way!

  7. great list. we have A LOT in common. we should hang out some time!:) besos!

  8. Jane - we should ABSOLUTELY hang out some time! besos right back at ya!

  9. Hi! I simply loved your list - it felt as if it was written by me! I actually have those same Havaianas!!
    I´m not a grandma yet but I hope it will not take too long! (my daughter is 22 and is not even dating... :/ Oh, well ;)
    Wish you all the best!!
    Teca (from the land of Havaianas!)


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