Sunday, June 21, 2009

Where do Babies Come From?

Was reading Jane's blog at Spain Daily today, and although I can't really remember if we ever even had a story about where babies come from, it reminded me of a funny story from when my kids were little.

Years ago, probably close to 20 years, we were at home one night cleaning up after dinner and getting the kids their baths. My daughter was in the bathtub in the bathroom down the hallway from the kitchen (she must have had the door open) and my son was in the kitchen with me.

We had a couple of clear acrylic magnetic photo frames on the refrigerator door, and one of our photos had slipped out the bottom and landed somewhere (probably under the refrigerator). The picture that came in the frame when I bought it, a picture of a sweet couple standing together on a beach at sunset, was still in the frame. My son, about 9 or so at the time, asked me who the people were. And my explanation to him went something like this, "Well, I have been trying to figure out how to tell you this, and I was going to wait till you were a little bit older, but I guess I can tell you now. Those are your real parents, you and your sister were adopted. But don't tell her yet, because she's still too little and she won't understand."

I can't tell you what he said, if he said anything. I simply don't remember. But a few minutes later, my daughter, then about 5 or 6, was standing in the doorway of the kitchen wrapped in a towel. Her face was red and she was just about ready to cry. I asked her what was wrong. And she said something like, "I've been having a little talk with God." Me, "Oh really?" Daughter, "Yes, and I don't think you're our real mom!" Right away I started laughing and commented on what wonderful hearing she must have. I went and got her and told both kids that I was only teasing them and explained to them about the fake photo in the frame. She was still upset and just didn't believe me. My husband even tried reassuring her, but she wasn't buying it. We actually had to call my Mother and have her talk to my daughter to finally calm her down and assure her that I was, in fact, her mother.

True story!


  1. that is too funny, how sad the poor little thing :(

  2. oh my gosh! really poor thing - does she still remember it?

  3. So, here's the any of us know with a certainty where babies come from? Oh, we know the bio-mechanics of how they get here, but honestly, can anyone ever tell where a miracle starts and how it arrives in front of our eyes?

    Probably not...and I wasn't wearing a towel when I typed this! Good story...

  4. Whoops! So sad, but too funny. Does she still remind you about it?

  5. Sara - she is remembering more and more of these little tidbits because she is now a mom herself. funny how that works. ;)

  6. Oh no, this brought a tear to my eye! I'm an only child and, when I was 14, my mother told me she was pregnant and that I was going to have a sibling. I burst in to tears with happiness...she laughed at me and told me so was only joking. I was so so so SO angry with her....! x


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