Friday, June 19, 2009

Wreck This Journal - Week 3

I was on vacation last week and missed posting for Week 2. But I have been able to go back and admire (lots of ooh's and aahh's!) everyone else's work (aka play). And I can't wait to see what everyone has done this week. I have also really enjoyed all the videos, and I was inspired to give it a try.

While I would normally share a couple of pages from my WTJ, the video took me a little bit of time to get done. So I'm sharing just one page this week -- writing backward. I can write backward as easily as I can write forward. In fact, (this is really weird) I can hold a pen in each hand and write the same word or phrase both forward and backward at the same time. I start in the center and write backward with my left hand and forward with my right hand. It's easiest on a chalk board or a white board, but I can do it on paper too.

I realized I could write backward when I read The DaVinci Code a few years ago. (remember that part? one of the codes?) I tried it a few times and it really wasn't that hard. When I tell someone I can do this, or better yet, show them, the eyebrows go up and they generally look at me like I'm really weird. I kind of think that lots of people could do it, but they've never tried. Have you tried yet?

See you next week. Wreck on!


  1. YOU DID IT! the video is awesome and the writing backwards is unreal. wow! that is the one page I am afraid of! ha! ciao!

  2. wow frieky and cool at the same time, i'm impressed :)

  3. Hi, Janet! Hope you've had a great time away! I've not tried the writing backward... Let me grab a pen. I can do it--but looks like the writing of a 5 yr old--LOL! Fun! Happy Days :o)

  4. I agree---its a bit freaky but super impressive at the same time!!! I need to try this!

    Peace & Love.

    PS I live in AZ also!!!

  5. Connie, i noticed that you were also in AZ. such talented people live here huh? ;)

  6. i can't believe how neatly you write backwards!! does it look like your forward writing? wow! i'm impressed.

  7. Wow! I've never tries backwards writing! Will do soon and let you know!

  8. Impressive! What other super talents do you have yet to discover?
    - I've not tried this page yet - but if memory serves - I won't be very good at this!


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