Friday, June 5, 2009

Wreck This Journal

Where to begin in this book? This is not a serious question, as I know there are no rules and we can begin anywhere we want to. But I am one who can get overwhelmed with too many choices. Thirty one flavors? What? I'll have vanilla.

There are a couple of pages that will be no-brainers for me. (I can write backwards as easily as I can write forwards. Perhaps i should try vlogging that?) And I admit that I've already done one page - writing a single word over and over again. But I think I know which page I'll do first. Isn't there a page where you're supposed to put it under your pillow and sleep on it? Isn't it in the back of the book somewhere? After all that dropping and dragging and burning and staining? Gross! I'm sleeping on it tonight! ;)

Go here for other "wreckers."

Happy wrecking!


  1. I took the easy route and slept with mine last night:) Guess the messy stuff can start this week! Looking forward to seeing what you come with.

  2. Another Southwest desert rat? maybe we could fry an egg on it in another couple of weeks!
    Great pic of the Grand Canyon!

  3. That as well as licking and biting it would be some of my firsts... Poor thing is gonna be put through the ringer, literally! :)

  4. You can write backwards as well as forwards!! Wow, that's amazing. I really sit and concentrate like I'm a kid when trying to do that! I'm so curious - what was your word? I wonder what dreams you'll have sleeping with the journal. Interesting!

  5. lol
    So glad I'm not the only one who thought better sleep w it fast before it gets too gross...
    wreck on... :-)

  6. I haven't seen the page about sleeping on it, I've seen the chewing, showering, throwing, spitting pages but not that one. I think I'll sleep on it tonight!

  7. looking forward to seeing how you "wreck" :)

  8. Vlog writing backwards? soooo kewl!!! Looking forward to wrecking this poor little book together. With gusto! :)

  9. Very curious about what is about to unfold here...I would love to see you vlog writing backwards.

    Good reminder, I should sleep on my journal before it get's covered in old food. :)


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