Sunday, July 12, 2009

Observations on a Weekend

Little dirty feet always seem to be wet, thereby leaving little dirty footprints/smudges on every inch of tile floor.

Coffee really does taste the best on Sunday mornings when it can be drunk slowly (with no three-year-olds around!).

It is possible to do four things at once: boil potatoes for salad (and beets for lunch), run a load of laundry, water the backyard, and vacuum.

If you feed them, they will come. (In this case, the birds; but I’m sure it applies to other areas as well.) ;)

Tuna salad is good for breakfast.

Three-year-olds are easy to please when it comes to buying birthday presents. (I asked my granddaughter what she wanted for her birthday next Saturday. She said, “avocado.” I asked her how many and she said, “two.” Then I asked her how old she was going to be and she said, “July.” )

When my daughter was young, she jabbered ALL THE TIME!! (She even got a sweatshirt for Christmas one year that said, “Help! I’m talking and I can’t shut up.”) Granddaughter is turning out to be exactly like her mother. ;)

The little 3 ounce single serve cups of ice cream that you can buy by the dozen from the supermarket are really, really good!

Naps are wonderful.

Trying to get motivated and accomplish anything after a nap of more than an hour is next to impossible.


  1. i love your new header picture. it makes me pine for the southwest! peace and love from your friend kitty!

  2. Fantastic, lovely little snippet of your life. I agree re naps..I hardly ever have one because I feel vile and thick headed afterwards!

    giggle at the avocados and July. So funny...x

  3. Tuna salad for breakfast? Now, why didn't I ever think of that!!!!????!!!

  4. Kitty - thank you! that's not too far away from my home. My son got married there a few years ago. it was beautiful.

    Spud - i love naps too much to go without. just need to moderate a little. ;)

    Holly - hey! if it's already made and in the fridge, it's a winner. (plus i put apple in my tuna salad so it's a tad bit sweet) and i'm one that MUST have some protein at breakfast or i feel like i'm hungry all day. i might try poaching some eggs and refrigerating them. then just reheat. i get tired of boiled.

  5. Lovely new banner, Janet! Naps, a good thing. Two avocadoes -- even better. And coffee on a weekend morning is always the best.
    Your granddaughter sounds fantastically fun and very much her very own person.

    Candace in Athens.

  6. Only can do only FOUR things at once? And you call yourself an American.

    I talked so much as a child that my mother used to check to see if my tongue was attached in the middle and wagging at both ends.

  7. On the topic of small children, something you may appreciate. Tonight I asked my son what he would like for dinner. He said, "water in my new cup!" I said, "would you like a sandwich?" and he answered "yes, but I don't want anything on it". Easy to please. He requested bread and water.

  8. Not So Glam - :) you're right! I can appreciate it! too precious!

    Candace - thanks for the compliment on my new banner. wanted something different but that still showed "space between..."

    Muse - I have no doubt you talked a lot. I know how your mind works now. (like mine - can never get enough) I can't imagine what a little sponge you must've been growing up!

  9. Such a funny post, Janet...Laughter is a great way to start the day! :o) I had crammed in all sorts day yesterday myself...I was in bed by 7:30pm--LOL! Tuns salad for breakfast...must try ;o) Happy Days

  10. Your grandaughter sounds great fun! I agree with the coffee on Sunday mornings... not sure about tuna salad for breakfast though... :)


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