Friday, July 10, 2009

Wreck This Journal

An Ode to a Journal

I wrecked this journal once,
I wrecked this journal twice.
It started getting easier
to "not be nice."

I wrecked this journal three times,
and then I wrecked it four.
And my inner "wrecker"
hollered, "I want more!"

I've wrecked it with a pen,
I've wrecked it with some glue.
I've wrecked it with some coffee,
and with some pudding too.

I've yet to take it for a walk,
or with me in the shower.
In fact, the mere thought of it
makes me kind of cower.

A few more weeks of wrecking.
And then what? It's the end?
I'll be sad cause it's become
somewhat of a friend.

Corny, yes. But creativity is what it is!
Be sure to go to Wreck This Journal to witness the creative genius of Wreckers everywhere!


  1. Corny? I think not! It's fabulousity in rhyme! You have no idea how much you just tickled me pink!

    Love your pages, those were my 2 faves too (until my book caught fire ... again, sob)

  2. i've been wrecking too, but haven't had a chance to photograph any of it yet...will share soon! thanks for sharing yours!!

  3. Go on... take it in the shower... I will if you will! First wrecking poem I have read - very cool!¬

  4. That was great! I love your creative writing too. Have a wonderful week of wreckage.

  5. how lovely,,honoring WTJ with poetry..did you think that might make up for all the abuse ??I WONDER!! great Wrecking

  6. I did the Wrecking this past year and had a blast and obviously you are having as good a time if not better.
    What gorgeously wrecked pages, Janet. And the poem just is funtastic!
    I linked to your site on my latest post. I will probably put you up in my Cool People, Cool Blogs sidebar too, as I do love to visit you and see what's happenin'!
    Have a great weekend and keep on wrecking.
    Candace in Athens.

  7. I love this type of fun poetry a la Dr. Seuss. Excellent job Janet!

  8. Thanks Candace!

    And Muse - you're right. it is kind of Dr. Suess'ish isn't it?

  9. Wreck Poetry! I love it!

  10. Same here, love the wreck poetry!

  11. LOVE IT! You're brave! I haven't been able to wreck it yet! Must try harder!!!

  12. Love the poem - utterly Seussian!

  13. Hope you have fun at Art Unraveled. I went last year and OD'd on classes (one every day Monday through Friday, plus evening classes M, T, Th, and Friday). I was exhausted! But I also worked on an ArtZine that was published and met Rebecca Brooks, a mosaic and mixed media artist from Prescott, Arizona who inspires me with her blog and our correspondence.

  14. Meri - I'm only taking one class. but i have a feeling i'll be wishing i'd signed up for more. you know, that whole One Lays Potato Chip concept? ;) I'd love to hear more (and see!) about what you did!

  15. Love the poem! It's cute. :) And the pages look so dreamy!

  16. Love the poem and your pages look great. Way to wreck!

  17. Wonderful poem! I like your pressed things page a lot.

  18. Love the corney :) I adore the corney! I have scads of paint chip samples here in the house, but have yet to use them. The ones you used certainly look great on the white page! Great idea!!

  19. Wonderful! I love how the creativity is spilling into other mediums! And that white page - yum!!

  20. Looks like fun. I like your 'wrecked journal' pages very much:)


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