Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Things To Do/Did Today

Things To Do/Did Today:

  • Day 2 of meditation practice instead of computer/internet time before work. I'm on a roll now!

  • Received 2 more postcards from Postcrossing! These from Great Britain and Taiwan.

  • Received my Student Packet for Art Unraveled in the mail. (Yay! I'm really going! Only one class but I can't wait.)
  • Had salad for dinner (so cool and refreshing!)
  • Received a PILE of catalogs in the mail (Viva Terra, Acacia, JJill, et al) but haven't read them yet
  • Getting my clothes laid out for tomorrow and getting my lunch together for tomorrow (also something new I'm doing as opposed to doing it all in the morning)

And I promise (myself!) I'm going to be in bed before 10! (that's in 75 minutes). Haven't commented on all your wonderfulness and creativity as much as I'd like to so far this week, but I have been visiting! Will catch up with comments on Friday.


  1. Oh Janet I have wanted to go to Art Unraveled for years! What class are you taking? I'm truly impressed about the meditation before computer time. I've only been able to work up to thinking about meditating before computer time. Baby steps, right?

  2. Janet, I tried to send you an email but couldn't get the link from your profile to work.
    Can you please send me an email so I have your email address?



  3. Ooooh I couldn't remember who'd blogged about post crossing but it ws you! I'm signing up for that, just getting some postcards printed of photos I've taken of our local town/environs.

    Lovely idea, thanks for sharing x

  4. Hi Spud. postcards are another one of those "simple things" that i just get a big kick out of. so much fun! i think you'll love it. and if you e-mail me your address, i'll send you one too! azjanorama@yahoo.com


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