Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Simple Things

Christina at Soul Aperture has invited us to celebrate Simple Things today. Thank you Christina for opening that little door for me - the little door that led to a small, quiet spot in my head for this contemplation.

good hair days, a big glass of iced tea with the perfect amount of lemon and sweetener, coffee when my husband makes it, a slab of romaine lettuce with a drizzle of blue cheese dressing, #2 yellow pencils, ceiling fans, butterflies floating through the backyard, rocks, cereal for supper, swinging on the glider on my back patio, getting my feet wet with the hose while watering the flowers out back, freshly cut grass, a clean pillowcase, a bath, the smell of an onion field when it goes to seed, washing breakfast dishes by hand, canning jars, Old Navy flip flops

I hope you are enjoying the simple things today.


  1. great things in your list... I love the hose on my toes too (did that rhyme?)... anyways I'm playing too :)

  2. That's a nice idea !!! and a beautiful "simple" thing !

  3. Just all the tastes and sensual delights on you list, Janet...each one a magic moment, a summer moment H. :o) And in this technology-full-to-bursting age, it's refreshing to meet someone who also loves pencils! Happy Day, my friend :o)

  4. What a lovely list! I would love to smell an onion field gone to seed as I never have. In fact I have never seen a whole field of onions so that would be two firsts!

  5. Oh nice, I love the toes wet one! Not sure about washing breakfast dishes by hand though....lovely photo x

  6. I'm wearing Old Navy flip flops right now! I agree; they're the best. Your list is just wonderful--I love a clean pillowcase and cereal for breakfast especially!!

  7. janet I feel like I just visited an old friend...blessings as you experience this simple day!

  8. Freshly cut grass -- achoo!

  9. What a fun fun post. I was just thinking about simple things and here is a post about it. Mamma mia, the universe moves in mysterious ways.
    LOVE that flower, Janet. And you just cannot beat a "DIXON TICONDEROGA 1388-2/HB" pencil. I am with you there. LOL.

    Take care.
    Candace in Athens.

  10. The smell of your hands after touching a tomato plant. mmm...

  11. marinik - you are a poet!

    Le Blog - simple things are the best really.

    Tracy - next time we should experiment - you write a list for me and i'll write a list for you. They'd probably both be perfect!

    Sarah - an onion field is also lovely to look at!

    Spud - there are only 2 of us in my house. makes a big difference! ;)

    Gigi - don't you love the Old Navy commercials with the mannequins? they're funny/cool!

    elk - thank you! and blessings right back at you!

    Meri - bless you! ;)

    Candace - gotta love the universe! picture is of a cactus in my backyard last spring.

    Not So Glam - i broke out in a rash after working in my tomato plants last summer (first time ever tho) and since then i'm not a fan of the smell. funny right?

  12. Old Navy flip-flops are my favorite too!


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