Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Weekend Comes Early

I have the day off from work tomorrow. I have been looking forward to it for most of the week. I like my job well enough, but I love a day of quiet from time to time. I need a day of quiet from time to time. I CRAVE it.

At the beginning of the week, when I originally decided to ask for the day off, I was noticing lots of little things that needed to be done around the house. Menial little tasks that just weren’t getting done in the evenings. Insufferable little chores that the insufferable-little-chore-fairies weren’t doing during the day while I was at work. Chores like vacuuming up the dead flies from the windowsills, and cleaning the leftovers out of the fridge, and boxing up all the stuff in the garage for Goodwill and actually taking it and dropping it off. And I could picture in my mind how lovely it was going to be to have a clean house, and a clean fridge, and a clean garage. And I was already feeling the satisfaction that I knew would come when it was all done. But something changed between there and here, and the dead flies and leftovers aren’t bothering me so much anymore.

I’m thinking instead that it will be much too nice a day to work. And, frankly, why take a day off “work” to stay home and, well, work?

So what am I going to do? The possibilities are, as they say, endless:

  • Sit extra long on the patio with an extra cup of coffee

  • Take a walk

  • Mail cards to my friends before postage goes up on Monday

  • Go to the new scrapbook store

  • Buy a new kind of tea and try it

  • Take a nap

  • Read

  • Bake (and eat!) brownies

  • Go get blackberries from the little local farm (thanks Suz!)

  • Do yoga

  • Do yardwork (Nope! There’s that word work again)

  • Take a nap

  • Go to the health food store

  • Call my friend in Tucson and talk for about an hour

  • Find Copenhagen on the map so I know where Blog Camp is going to be (even tho I’m not going – I’ll be there in spirit)

  • Download some new songs in iTunes

  • Get a pedicure

  • Shop for plane tickets to North Carolina

  • Learn a few new French words

  • Take a nap

  • Shop for clothes for my grandbabies

  • Make a Mother’s Day card for my Mom-in-Law

  • Cook some green chile brown rice

  • Watch one of those judge shows I see advertised on TV all the time

  • Practice Chinese brush painting

  • Fix a broken necklace

  • Kiss my husband when he gets home from work

Sigh . . . it’s gonna be a beautiful day!


  1. we have a day off too...but that's because it's a holiday--the Big Prayer Day. no one i know really prays, except maybe a small prayer of thanks for having a day off!

    it sounds like you're going to use it well!

  2. Hope you savored the day, Janet! And hope you had a chance to sample as many of these good things on your list as possible...and are able to carry over some of them into the weekend now. We are taking a trip soon, and the to-do, to-finish lists are looming...looking forward to a break from the usual! Happy Days! :o)

  3. That's a long list! I do hope you managed to do lots of those things... and didn't feel guilty afterwards.

  4. You deserve it! Your days off sound like mine...clean,clean, and clean. Its amazing how a whole day of cleaning seems to last forever, and a day of relaxation goes by so fast. Hope it was a good/long one! jt


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