Friday, May 22, 2009

List Lovers Thursday (on Friday)

This week's list:
My favorite words
I fully intended to do this post last night (since yesterday was Thursday). But I had the wonderful surprise of finding out that I'd received the Morning Coffee Award from The Fragrant Muse, and had to write about that instead.

My list this week is of some of my favorite words. I like these words mostly for how they sound, or how it feels to say them. I'm sure the meaning of some of the words contributes to some extent to their appeal.

  • synchronicity
  • mélange
  • plume
  • beatific
  • lovestruck
  • serendipitous
  • evermore
  • collusion
  • forlorn
  • fluid
  • Djbouti (I know this is a proper noun - the name of a country - but it's so much fun! pronunciation)
  • nonpareil
  • proclivity
  • ethereal
  • enamor
  • philanthropist
  • rapt
There are also words I detest -- words that are just yucky (in fact anything that rhymes with yuck, really). They are just too hard, or rough, or blunt. For example, cacophony. While it's an interesting enough word, I mean you get a definite image in your mind when you hear the word, the word is just too choppy. It's almost like it has too many sharp corners or edges to it.

My list of favorite words is ever fluctuating (ooh! another great word!). I mean, I don't know every single word yet, and I probably haven't heard every word yet, and without a doubt I have not yet spoken every word. So I'm sure there will be additions at some point. But in the meantime, I do have a new one to add: Blogosphere. Sigh . . . that's a lovely, lovely word.


  1. What a fun list!
    Just have been reading them out know how it felt. Some a few times. (my favorit...plume)
    So glad the hubby is still asleep...he would have thought that I went mad! ;)
    Have a great weekend, Jeannette

  2. Stopped by to say congrats on the award :)
    I too like the pronunciation of some wards, I know this is a "name" of a place rather than a "ward" but for some reason I love saying Barcelona, it just feels good...
    I like your blog, I'll definitely visit again :)

  3. Jeannette, i totally understand. even though i bet if we asked, our hubbys could come up with a few fav words of their own. ;)

    marinik, i agree. Barcelona is kind of melodic. thanks for stopping by!


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