Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cool Beans!

Coffee beans, that is! Thank you very much Liz, The Fragrant Muse, for passing this bit of coolness on to me. I feel very special!

As I understand it, this award is "For blogs that go well with your morning coffee." And I have to admit that I seriously have to check in and read a few of my favorites before work every morning. I rush through fixing my hair and putting on makeup as quickly as I can (getting pretty good at it!), and have pretty much limited my work attire lately to things that don't have to be ironed. (In fact yesterday on my way to work, I looked down and noticed that there were little wrinkled creases just at the knees on my pants from where they'd hung on the hanger. I decided I'd just have to sit all day so no one would see!) Then I grab my coffee cup and head to the computer. How lovely it is to start the day with a funny story, or a gorgeous photograph, or some insightful tidbit that gets my mind going. When my clock chimes that it's 7:00, I sadly shut the computer down, throw on my wrinkled pants, feed the fish and the birds, grab my thermos of coffee to go, and head to work.

I have previously posted pictures of where I love to savor my morning coffee, and soon that will change for a while. It's just getting too hot here already to spend any time outside. But I have a spot indoors (pics in a few days) where I can still look outside and watch the birds at the feeders and see the trees. I may have to drop an ice cube or two into my cup, but that's okay too. I still enjoy it immensely and my day would not be complete without it.


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