Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monday? Tuesday?

It's Tuesday, feeling like a Monday. Time to head back to work. And I'm feeling a bit like the bear in this photo. I think he's smiling . . . trying to smile . . . but you can tell he's not really feelin' it. I'm not actually trying to correlate the fact that he's obviously caged up to having to return to work (okay, maybe I am), but you gotta believe there are other places he'd rather be and other things he'd rather be doing than sitting around looking up at people and faking a smile just so they'll toss him a few treats (again, no correlation to my job whatsoever).

I must say that the bear was very good at sitting up and smiling; he's obviously a professional at what he does. So for today my motto will be "Be the Bear."

Have a "beary" good day! (ok, i know that's lame.)


  1. "be the bear." i like that motto. :-) i should have read this before i just went the meeting i went to...

  2. What an adorable bear, you know what he kinda looks like?? Like he's had one too many the night before :)
    "be the bear" got it!

  3. Love this bear. It's one of my totems and I always run into folks I get along with who are so bearlike -- great photo, too.
    Love the analogies you make between the caged animal and the other "caged" being.


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