Sunday, May 17, 2009

Love (of) Rocks

Connection. Connectivity. Connectedness. I'm not sure what I want to call it; I only know how much I need it and how big a role it plays in my sense of well-being.

That's part of the reason why I love reading blogs. I get so excited when I stumble across an article and realize that the writer and I have something in common. That we share an enthusiasm for a piece of poetry or music, or occasionally treat ourselves to an iced coffee in the afternoon, or have an affinity for nature.

And that happened this morning over my second cup of coffee. I was reading The Fragrant Muse's blog article Rock of Love. She had been inspired by Julochka's Sunday Morning Theories, and commented that she "sometimes think you live in my head." (Haven't we all been there, done that?) The premise for Julochka's theory this Sunday morning is that holding a stone in your hand allows you to feel the connection that we all have to the earth and time eternal. And I couldn't agree more. In fact, I'm continuously amazed by it all -- our connection to the earth and our connection to each other. I really believe we are all one and the same, just enjoying this life's experiences in different places all around the earth.

Some of my favorite rocks/stones:

a rock I dug up while planting flowers in my back yard

I piece of citrine I found in a gem shop

rocks (slate?) I brought back from Tennessee

(while we were driving through Tennessee, I seriously thought

I was going to have to tell my husband to pull the truck over

so I could get out and touch the rock walls. I was so drawn to them!)

various rocks, pods, leaves that I've picked up from everywhere

rocks from my list trip to Sedona - I intentionally

chose these so I could make a cairn

beach stones and shells on a shelf in my bathroom


  1. Janet - There is definitely a strong sense of connection in the blogosphere today! I loved your rocks from Sedona and had to look up the word "cairn" - COOL!

  2. ah yes, rocks.... careful you may make Julie realize she is crazy! ;)

  3. I love that you not only pick up rocks from special places, but you also take them home to enjoy them in various cairns and vignettes! Last summer I was in the Southwest and Northwest, and my best trinkets from the trip include a chunk of bark, some lichen and various tiny pebbles from your neck of the woods!

  4. Yoga - it is the simple things in life that seem to make us the happiest. No? Namaste. Have a special day!

  5. i've been to sedona too, but it was before my rock obsession, so sadly,i have no stones from there..

    must. go. back.

    and i will only be honored if you think i'm crazy. :-) i'm been dying to be called "crazy lady." :-)


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