Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Corner View - Cityscapes

Yuma, Arizona
My home is in the Southwest U.S. - in Arizona where it borders California and Mexico. It's not a big city, but we are about 3 hours from the capital of Arizona in one direction, and 3 hours from San Diego, California, in the opposite direction. We thrive on agriculture, the military (a Marine base and an Army base are located here), and tourism during the winter months.

While I will not have an opportunity to go out with my camera this week, I have a couple pictures to share that I took last year when I was lucky enough to get a ride on a Marine helicopter. And I can share with you the next best thing to a personal photo - a postcard. I hope you enjoy them and I can't wait to see all of your Corner views.

taken through the window of a USMC UH-47. OORAH!

Historic Buildings

Yuma County Court House, Old U.S. Post Office

Old City Hall Building, Lutes Casino, Hotel San Carlos

Bridge over the Colorado River

Downtown - Main Street

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  1. weird, i was totally imagining you in my old neighborhood in scottsdale (almost tempe). :-)

  2. so pretty ... and flat:) thanks for these. besos-jane

  3. julie - i like scottsdale well enough, but love tempe and go there fairly often. have a favorite spot - a cozy cool bookstore next to a bakery/cafe, and a whole foods market a couple of blocks away. been trying to save on fuel and keep my $$ local lately tho.

    jane - buenas dias y besos a usted tembien! (my spanish is a little rusty, so have mercy please!) ;)

  4. Spectacular banner! In my small corner of the world, a 3 hr drive is considered going quite far!

  5. I like the first photo ! Great shot.

  6. Great shots... much greener than I would have imagined!!!!

  7. Thank you for showing me what Yuma looks like. I only knew it from 3:10 to Yuma.

  8. What a great different way of showing your corner. Very original!

  9. Love your postcards! And the first photo, I didn't imagine Arizona to be that green! :)

  10. How great is that....to see it in a helicopter!
    You go to great lengths to show us your cityscape. ;)
    Looking forward to your next adventurous Corner, Jeannette


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