Thursday, May 28, 2009

List Lovers' Thursday

Questions for the Universe

This is not nearly as serious as it sounds, but I have spent a considerable amount of time wondering about some of these things through the years.

-*- Why is it that plastic wrap sticks to glass (and itself!) just fine, but not to plastic?

-*- Where/how do professional basketball players sleep when they're on the road, traveling from city to city? Do they stay in hotels with regular sized beds? Do they have to sleep at an angle, from corner to corner, in order to fit in the bed? (this is all assuming they have custom beds at home?) Is there a special branch of Hilton with special beds that I don't know about -- Hilton for Wilt the Stilt(on)?

-*- Why do the cats that belong to a neighbor way down the street seem to live in my backyard?

-*- Why do dogs like to roll in cat poop?

-*- Why am I physically unable to shut the computer off after "just one more" e-mail/blog/page on like I fully intended to?

-*- Why do I consistently forget to put my yogurt in the refrigerator when I get to work each morning?

-*- Why are people mean?

-*- Are the other planets in the solar system warming? Freezing?

-*- Why does that funny little chirruping sound my car sometimes makes suddenly disappear when I drag my husband out to hear it?

-*- Why does MS Word think it knows how you want your document formatted better than you do?

Have any answers? Any questions of your own?

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  1. I thought all the neighborhood cats lived in MY backyard!
    Why do dogs like to EAT cat poop?
    I didn't know about polyvore. Thanks Janet. Now I have another obsession to take my time.


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