Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Roadmaps of the Blogosphere

You never know what you'll find!

I am constantly amazed by the time warp that mysteriously, but routinely, occurs each night when I sit down at my computer. I come in to sit down for just a few minutes – long enough to read e-mail and my favorite blogs (which list is growing at an alarming rate!). I always have whatever book I’m currently reading in my hand and tell myself that I’ll stay at the computer for just a few minutes. Then I’ll go curl up in my reading chair, under my reading lamp, under the picture (that I love) of a girl sitting in her library reading, and I’ll read. I’ll read for a couple of hours, I tell myself, and maybe even finish the book I’m reading. Then I can go sort through the pile of new books waiting to be read and pick the next one. It’s gonna be great!

But more often than not, that doesn’t happen. (I’m sorry my dear, sweet books! I do love you and I promise I’ll take a whole day real soon and spend it entirely with you! No computer at all!) I’m sure it’s happened to you. You are poking through one of your favorite blogs, or your favorite website. There may be a link there to another blog or another article. Or you may stumble across the name of a place, or a person, or a thing that you’ve never heard of before. Or maybe you think you’ve heard of it before, but you’re not really sure what or who or where it is. And you have to Google it to find out more about it. (I mean you have to, right? In order to fully understand what it is you’re reading?) So you click on the link, or do a web search for that person, place or thing. And five seconds later . . . well, I don’t really need to spell this out for you.

Three hours and 18 blogs and 6 websites and 4 Google searches later, you’re scratching your head (or your chin or your elbow) and wondering how you got here and what it was you sat down to read in the first place.

And so it is that I stumbled across a great page tonight in just this fashion. Well, a shortened version of it anyway. And I was able to backtrack to each of the pages that ultimately led me to the page that I was meant to see.

I started here - in my list of "The Blogs I Want To Be When I Grow Up" - moments of perfect clarity.


From here, I went to "Regular Reads" - Soul Aperture


And next I went to:


A haiku festival!?! I love haiku! I Twitter haiku all the time! (And yes, I sent the link to my fellow Twitter haiku writers.) I will post my haiku on May 11th, but for now . . . a Blogger haiku:

a blogosphere map
virtual paths and byways
of the universe.


  1. i know this time warp of which you speak. thank you for the flattering words...

    just last night, i did the same thing. i was going to curl up with mma ramotswe and mma makutsi and their blue shoes and happiness, around 9:30 and it was very nearly 2 before i actually ended up there.

    i blame caffeine and the world for being too interesting. :-)

  2. Hi, Janet! Thanks so much for stopping by my place...it so nice to meet you and find your wonderful blog! I'm thrilled you'll be joining us for the haiku festival next week--and thanks for plugging the event here ;o) But I know how you feel, I'm constantly amazed each week with all the new finds I come across in blogland and elsewhere online--I spend way too much time on the computer--LOL! Love all your reading! This year I've been re-visiting some classics in literature--choosing one book a month, read it and write a little review--it's been such fun. Do stop by again sometime. Happy Day :o)


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