Thursday, May 14, 2009

Corner View - the Great Outdoors

The Desert Southwest - U.S.

I just ran across Spain Daily's Corner View weekly posting. And I love it for so many reasons.

The gorgeous photographs and notes from all over the world are reason enough to visit each blog each week. It's educational too. I have a large world map in my computer room, which used to be my son's room, and I have marked all of the places that he has lived and to which he's traveled with black map pins. I've actually thought tonight about getting a second, smaller map to put up here above my computer (in fact I think I have a paper one that came with a subscription to National Geographic last year) to keep track of where all of my fellow bloggers are and where their beautiful pictures come from. (Has to be a different map than my son's; his is special just for him.)

And I also love seeing these places and faces and things from another person's point of view. For example, at Spain Daily's Corner View post this week, there are charming pictures of Vitoria's city sidewalks and sidewalk cafes. I would have walked right past the bicycle rack and never seen a photo there, but it's great! And I love the photo of the two men - that yellow t-shirt and those red chairs - so interesting! I guarantee that tomorrow wherever I happen to go, I'm going to look at things differently.

In the meantime, I have a couple of photos from near my home. And I look forward to next week's Corner View!


  1. hi janet! thanks for visiting a and the sweet comments! you´ve made my day! i´ll add you to nest week´s link list. you live in such a beautiful part of the country! i´m off to read more of ypur blog! un beso-jane

  2. So much fun that you joined Corner View! Looking forward to your photos!

  3. Hi Janet, what is the link to the Corner View?

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  5. Muse, there should be a link if you just put your cursor on the "Spain Daily's Corner View" in the last paragraph. Otherwise, try cutting and pasting this.

    Hope it works!

  6. Hello Janet,
    just discovered that you also joined our Corner club! Love your outdoor pictures, just WOW! What a stunning area, can´t wait to see more.
    Have a great Sunday,


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