Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Early Mother's Day Gift

Pearls (of Wisdom)

I spoke to my son on the phone tonight for quite awhile. He's in North Carolina (way too far away!) He's grown and has a wife and a son of his own. He calls often (he's such a good boy!) and that always makes me feel so good. Because out of all his friends and siblings that he could call, just to chat and shoot the breeze about the day or the weekend or the weather or what's for dinner, he chooses to call us. Some of the best vacations my husband and I have had have been with him, and for the last few years, his wife too. And now that there is a grandson, I can't wait to see what fun we'll have in the coming years. (And if he's anything like his dad when he was young, what mischief!) He called tonight to tell me to watch for a box to come in the mail in the next couple of days - my Mother's Day gift.

My son is many things: a hard worker, generous, quiet, a GREAT fisherman, a good hunter (maybe only so-so when it comes to hunting deer ha ha!) a good barbecuer (is that a word?), a Veteran, a fan of scary (and sick and disgusting) movies, a guitar player, very tender hearted, a mechanic, a good husband, and a wonderful daddy.

And I learned something else tonight: He is wise beyond his years; he is wiser, perhaps, than I am.

When we talked tonight, we talked about his MySpace page and the pictures that he has there. I told him about my blog here. And we hung up the phone and each went to our computer to look at the other's page. A bit later, I found a new comment on my post about My Teenage Heart. It was from him. I was absolutely stopped dead in my tracks. I could only stare at the words. And I was moved. To tears.

". . . never fear the thoughts of your companion . . . your thoughts will make you happy before the thoughts of any other."

I don't know whether those are his words, or a quote from someone else. But it doesn't really matter. They are words I needed to hear. I re-read it several times. I left the comments section to read something else, but found myself right back at that page, staring at those words.

This is another one of those quirks of mine that I was talking about in that very post - something about myself that drives me crazy. I worry too much about what other people think. I worry that my ideas or dreams or thoughts will be thought of as stupid by someone else, and therefore those are things that I don't share. It's right there in that post: "I watch these movies at night after my husband goes to bed, or on Sundays when he goes fishing." Here's my sign. Here's my kick in the pants, my slap up side the head. What am I waiting for?

So . . . if I never post to this blog again, if I never read another blog article, if I never again sit down in front of my computer, it will all be worth it. If this is what I had to do to hear those 19 words . . . I'm good. And what a Mother's Day Gift!

I love you kid! XOXOXOXOXOXOX


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  1. That comment came off of the top of my head, but i really do beleive that if you cannot make yourself happy.....nobody can. I get my smarts, mannors, and faith from you. I also get my addiction to everything else (wich my wife hates) like fishing, playing guitar,and hunting from my father.....the key is drawing the fine line between family and my addictions.....but its hard to do when "anything woth doing is worth doing right". It may be a catch 22 the way i think, but i know that is my thought process will go from ying/, and everything in between. As long as you KNOW yourself, and ACCEPT who you are you shall never have a dull momment. JT


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