Sunday, May 31, 2009

Inspiration In Your Bag

I recently ran across the Wish Studio, and a post called "inspiration in your bag." Mindy, the Creative Editor and Hostess, created a collage from things found in her bag/purse. It's very small scale (aka easy and doable!), quickly satisfies your creative itch, and helps to clean out your purse at the same time!

Mindy challenged other bloggers to give it a try. And Laurel posted a couple on her blog, Laurel's Art Journal. She also incorporated bits and pieces of stuff from her desk.

I had so much fun last weekend creating my garden collages. And I go through periods where I save all kinds of snippets of this and tidbits of that for just such projects. (for example, I've been walking around the house for hours with a little produce sticker off of a lemon stuck to the back of my hand cause it has a cute little bee on it.)

I decided my medium, at least for one collage, was going to be the little subscription postcards that are tucked into magazines (and fall all over the floor as soon as you pick one up). (I tried origami with them once, but they're really too thick for folding that small.)

Here's the reverse side of the card:

and my finished collage on the front.

For the second one, I used a photo that didn't print correctly on my printer as the base.

The little zen monk in the bottom corner is attached with a brad so that he spins. Don't know why he needs to spin, but . . . he does. :)

Most of the materials I used came from my desk, and a few things were even pulled out of the trash can. This was great fun. I'm thinking I might just have to start spending every Sunday afternoon this way.

Happy collecting!


  1. now that is WAY cool what a great idea. i might have to give it a couple weeks given the fact that my purse is all but empty. lol. i just got a new one.
    i'll totally have to remember this.

  2. I love this idea!
    about once a couple of weeks, I go through my bag and get rid of so much stuff that's collected in all the little pockets, this would make for a fun little project.
    yours look terrific :)

  3. thanks so much for playing along! it's great to connect with you :)

  4. I am so delighted you made a comment on my blog.
    We do have something in common I just discovered I am a part-time Yuman and you are a full time Yuman! We are from Canada go there every winter to escape our cold snowy winters here. I am going to put your blog on my favorites. If you go through my blog you will find lots of Yuma pictures and stories.

  5. Great idea for reusing/repurposing those cards. I like the sunset one. You've got my mind going now. Thanks for signing on as a "follower" although you will lead me many times as I check in. Jeanne

  6. This is a great day! I should definitely make one, I always have so much stuff at the bottom of my bag!

  7. I meant, a great IDEA! I need some sleep!


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