Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I love it when I am able to catch a glimpse of the details of a person’s life. Nothing too private, nothing too personal, just some little component of what makes that person’s day special and complete. I love to uncover a little snippet of what gives them comfort, a little tidbit of what feeds their soul. It makes it easier for me to believe that we are all somehow connected, even with all of our differences.

For this reason, I really enjoy seeing the pictures of other bloggers’ special places – the sunny window where they enjoy their coffee every morning, the bistro where they always find the best croissants, or the gorgeous garden with the violets they grew from seeds that they carried back from grandma’s house.

So today I’m sharing a couple photos of my patio where I love to have my morning coffee. It’s comfortable to me because it’s kind of private (from the neighbors), but a breeze can still blow through. I have a couple of canaries in a cage that love the morning as much as I do and sing often to show it. I have a water garden with a couple of goldfish in it and a small pump that makes just the gentlest little gurgling sound. I have comfy chairs and a glider (on which I’ve had some wonderful naps when the weather is just right), and lots of plants. Even on the weekends, I often get up early just so I can enjoy the morning before the day gets too hectic.

Sadly, though, summer is here. And it will soon be too warm to go out, even very early in the morning. When that happens, I’ll find a quiet spot inside to enjoy my coffee - maybe with ice.


  1. You have such a pretty, comfortable outdoor room! We are just beginning to get nice weather here. I have lots of relatives in the Phoenix area

  2. Your patio is a haven of comfort, Janet! You have decorated it so tastefully...I would love to sit a spell :o)

  3. Pat and Tracy, come by any time! I'm sure we could go through several pots of coffee (or iced tea) and talk for hours. :)


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