Monday, May 11, 2009

Haiku Festival

Yeah! It's finally here! The Haiku Festival. I chose just a handful of my haiku to include here. Last year I put together a small scrapbook of my haiku with some of my (very amateur) Chinese brush paintings and various photos that fit the haiku. It was great fun. Of course I've written many more since then, and may include more in some future post. But for now . . .

morning clouds lifting,
not ready for sunrise yet,
cling to mountaintops

pink clouds dance to an
orchestra of crickets
end of summer day

different birdsongs
some trilling, some staccato
fill the cool morning

falling leaves gather
in red and gold mosaic
carpeting the earth

robin’s song is bright
like dew drops in morning sun
glad for the new day

dragonfly hovers
over the cut blades of grass
while i’m in corpse pose

weighs down the limbs with green fruit
on the orange tree

P.S. The last one, anticipation, won second place in a local poetry contest last year! No big prizes, but it was quite a cool surprise!

P.P.S. Click on the Haiku Festival button on your right to go to Pink Purl for a list of other participants in the Haiku Festival. And thank you Tracy and Elizabeth for the wonderful idea and opportunity to share!


  1. Hi Janet, thanks for coming by my blog.

    Your last haiku is my favorite. It truly sums up the feeling of anticipation. Love your cricket painting too!

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  3. It may have been a surprise to you to win a place in the poetry contest, but not to me after reading the beautiful examples of your work.

    I love all of it, and every single one as much.
    Great rhythm and beautiful evocative sounds.


  4. Wow! You've been busy. What beautiful poetry and fabulous painting to. Thanks for the sharing. This has been a great experience! I love your blog too.....stunning photos!

  5. This is wonderful, Janet! Thank you for the wonderful gift of so many poems! And your photos and own artwork compliment your haiku so well. You have a great talent for haiku, and how terrific you won a prize for your writing--that is a big deal. :o) I love the very earthy and elemental feel of your poems, very much in harmony with nature. Very good rhythm too. This whole post is presented so beautifully. So glad you joined us, Janet and that you had fun with this. Happy we were able to meet through this event. Happy Day :o)

  6. Perfect pairings! And it's marvelous to get recognition for your work -- too many poets don't.

  7. Thanks for popping past my blog! I enjoyed reading your haikus; they took me right into nature. I particularly liked your haiku about dragonflies and corpse pose. I should really try doing yoga outside!

  8. I'm so glad to have read your Haiku's! They are very good and so are your paintings! Lovely and inspiring! Congrats on your award from last year!!

  9. Hi!
    These are lovely and your illustrations are perfect for them. I especially love the one about the dragon fly-he probably wondered what you were up to!
    Well done on the poetry prize too!

  10. Janet, these were great, really great. You're more than a hobbyist and dabbler. I think my favorite is the one about fall and my fav painting is the cricket.

  11. janet--thanks for stopping by. Your haiku and illustrations are beautiful. Lovely place you have here--best c

  12. Hi Janet

    Your haikus and illustrations are all wonderful! You are so talented.


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